It's here. The grandest game tournament. Our annual festival of games.  Naija Game Evolution 2017. This year's edition features two main titles: Street Fighter V and FIFA 18.
There are also mini titles which include Tekken 7, Injustice 2, and Pro Evolution Soccer 2018.
The event is supported by Redbull Energy Drink. Other support include Domino's Pizza, E-planet Gaming Lounge, Pulse TV, Olori Supergal TV and the Ordinary Guys Experience.

There are 2 main categories. Please read through the rules carefully before registering.

This tournament is sponsored by REDBULL. ENTRY is FREE. 

Main Titles

Mini Titles
Pro Evolution Soccer 18, Tekken 7, Injustice 2 and COD: WW2

Prize breakdown
1st - 100,000
2nd - 50,000
3rd - 25,000

Street Fighter V
1st - 50,000
2nd - 25,000
3rd - 15,000
4th - 10,000

This page is for the main titles. 
For the mini titles, click here to see info and register

Category 2 - VIP Challenge
This is a paid event and as expected comes withe a higher pay out. Click here for more information and registration.


1. There should be no fighting, cursing or trolling (with contestants). 
2. Obey the judges at any given point in time and any complaints should be reported to them. If you feel that you have been unfairly treated, notify the Grand Umpire. DO NOT TAKE ANY CORRECTIONAL ACTIONS ON YOUR OWN.
3. Shouting of advice or observations during play is FORBIDDEN   
4. Please ENSURE THAT AFTER YOUR GROUPING, YOU ARE AVAILABLE FOR YOUR GAME AS ABSENTEEISM WOULD LEAD TO A WALK OVER. *Absenteeism is determined if your opponent is seated and ready to play and you are unavailable 5mins later.** 
5. In the pools/group stages, if a contestant has played any of his/her matches, and then decides to forfeit his/her remaining match(es), HE/SHE WOULD AUTOMATICALLY FORFEIT ANY PREVIOUS WINS HE/SHE HAS.
**A forfeit leads to a 2-0 win by the opponent.**
6. Players should remain in their seats immediately after their matches and report their scores before getting up.
7. Spectators should conduct themselves and not distract the players. Flaunting this rule would lead to the person being sent out of the venue.
 8. Rules should be reported as soon as they occur or else they will be ignored. Only the players and the judge can report a violation.
9. The judge can report a violation on behalf of a player.

FIFA 18 

1. Players would be separated into groups of 3 (minimum) and 4 (maximum) and play each other in a round robin format to accumulate points (3 for win, 1 for draw, 0 for loss). THE TOP 1 or 2 PLAYERS (players with the highest points) WOULD ADVANCE TO THE NEXT STAGE. This decision is based solely on the organizers's discretion but would be stated before the games commence. Depending on the number of groups available, the best losers may be selected to complete the elimination stage participants. 

2. Tie breaker rules: The following criteria (in order of priority) is used to determine rankings:
- Points accumulated
- Goals difference
- Head to head win

3. Game settings are as follows:
- Mode: Kick off
- Team: Club or country
- Half length: 4mins for all matches up to Quarter finals
- Level: Legendary
- Multiplayer Camera: Tele Broadcast (unless the players involved both AGREE on another camera) 
- Camera settings: Default
- Injuries: On
- Offsides: On
- Bookings: On
- Game speed: Normal
- Time of day: Day
- Weather: CLEAR
- Defence: Tactical Defending Only (Defaulters would forfeit the match)
- Goal Keeper Cursor: Allowed
- Preset formation: Allowed
- Custom tactics and set pieces: Allowed
- Custom formation/ editing player position: NOT ALLOWED

4. Other rules:
- Players have 2 minutes to set their formations and tactics before the start of the match.
- Players can pause ONLY ONCE  during gameplay stoppage eg offside, throwing etc. to make formation changes. NO PLAYER SHOULD PAUSE DURING ACTIVE PLAY.
- Additionally, players can change formation one more time during gameplay breaks ONLY IF THEIR PLAYER IS INJURED OR GIVEN A RED CARD.
5. In the event where the game is interrupted e.g power failure, the following actions would be taken:
- If no goal has been scored and the game was in the first half, the whole game is replayed
- If a goal or goals have been scored, the following rules are followed.
Below the 25th minute (1st half) – Whole game is played
Above the 25th minute (1st half) – One half is played
Below the 70th minute (2nd half) – One half is played 
Between 70th – 85th minute (2nd half) – In-game 15 minutes is played
Above 85th minute (2nd half) – Judge’s discretion
Note that in all cases stated above, the goals scored before the break are still retained and added to other subsequent goals.

6. All elimination stage matches up to quarter-finals,  that end in a draw would be decided by a penalty shout-out.

7. Quarter-finals to grand finals matches that end in a draw  would progress to extra time with the GOLDEN GOAL RULE. If there is still no goal, it moves on to penalties.

Please note that the battle format is subject to change before the tournament commences.

1. Players would be divided into groups of four (minimum) or eight (maximum) from which two people advance. The format is round robin.

2. Game settings are as follows:
- Best of 3 rounds
- Best of 5 games
- Time: 99secs

3. Other rules:
- Only players who lose a match can change a character.
- If a player pauses in the middle of a battle, he forfeits the round. If it is the last round, he forfeits the entire game. This RULE IS VOID HOWEVER IN CERTAIN DEATH SCENARIOS OR MID - CINEMATIC ANIMATION SEQUENCES.
4. In the event where the game is interrupted e.g power failure, the following actions would be taken:
- If it is first round, the whole game is restarted.
- If it is second round, then a best of two rounds is played and a round is added to whoever won the first round before the interruption.

5. Coach advise is allowed ONLY IN BETWEEN GAMES and not during active battle.

6. If players do not agree on a stage within 15 seconds, a random stage is chosen.

7.  At the beginning of a match, in the event of a counter pick, a blind selection would be done by the judge.

8. The Kanzuki Beach stage, Skies of Honor stage, Flamenco Tavern stage are not tournament legal.

9. There is a maximum of 60 seconds allowed between games in a set.

10.  Stopping a match to erroneously report a violation leads to forfeiture of the round on the part of the player that paused.


E-Planet, 62 St. Finbarr's College Road, Akoka. (Opp Chicken Republic)


This event is closed