So the road to Naija Game Evolution 2018 has begun and the elimination stage participants are getting ready to be selected. Sponsored by FEARLESS energy drink, there is over  #2 million in cash prizes and lots of cool consolation prizes to be  won this year, so you have absolutely no reason not to be part of this pre-tournament qualifier. 

So what's the deal?

The Lagos Naija Game Evolution qualifier kicks off the tour. For the FIFA category, the top 8  are seeded into the final 128 slots for the event in December.  For Street Fighter V and Call Of Duty: World War 2,  the top 4 are seeded into the top 32. This means you avoid the danger of been removed in pools/preliminary stages. The top players also stand a chance to be selected as part of the team representing Nigeria at the FEJA 2018 tournament in Cote d' Voire and other tournaments outside Nigeria.


YOU STAND THE CHANCE TO WIN CASH PRIZES IN THIS QUALIFIER with a prize pool of #300,000 to be given out, while being guaranteed a final 128 or 32 spot in the finals depending on your game in the GRAND FINALE  to win part of over #2 million cash prize to be given out.

The featured games along with the prize breakdown for the NGE 2018 tournament are 

FIFA 2019 
1st - #500,000
2nd - #200,000
3rd - #100,000

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition
1st - #200,000
2nd - #100,000
3rd - #50,000
4th - #25,000

Call Of Duty : World War 2
1st - #300,000
2nd - #100,000
3rd - #50,000

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019
1st - #200,000
2nd - #100,000
3rd - #50,000

To find out more about the Naija Game Evolution 2018 qualifying tour, read here 


ENTRY CLOSES 20th of April 2018




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