Ok so we thought we should give our Legacy players something to talk about so we are having a mini hang out tournament where you can participate in either a tactical or a Legacy tournament meaning we will separate tactical users to one side and legacy users to the other side so we wont hear stories that touch about someone saying they beat him because he used tactical .
To explain better it means you will pay 500 naira for tactical tournament and 500 Legacy tournament if you choose to play both of them but if you decide to play just one then its fine .
Pro Evo fans are also included in this journey on their own game

So if you win the Tactical section you 
1st = 10k
2nd= 5k
3rd= 3k

1st = 7k
2nd =5k
3rd = 2k

Pro 2018 wins
1st = 10k
2nd= 5k
3rd= 3k

If you are having difficulties paying online you can pay at the venue before 9am, event kicks off by 10am, if your arent there by might not participate.
Rules and regulations will be read before tournament commence  .


Eplanet Gaming Lounge Akoka , 62 saint finbars college road , chemist bus stop opp chicken republic

₦500 per item

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