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The NGE awards is coming up in December at the grand finals of Naija Game Evolution 2019 tournament and is the brand's way of saying "Thank You" to all gamers who have supported us from the beginning through thick and thin. There are nine (9) categories in all, eight of which are open for voting. Nominees have been shortlisted and are listed under the brief explanation of each category. Click on each category link to vote.
Please note that the year in review is from 2018-2019

You can vote by clicking on the title of each award.


1. Unknown Warrior/Rookie of the Year

This award goes to the gamer who was relatively unknown in the gaming circle but suddenly burst out on the scene, upset the status quo and has been a force/house hold name to reckon with.
Shinigami (MK 11)
Bontus (MK 11)
The Arogs (FIFA 19)
Yung La Flame (MK 11)
Sphinx (SFV)
D_gnt (SFV)

2. Tournament Hunter of the Year (Fighting)

This award goes to the gamer who rarely misses a tournament. He would always attend a tournament regardless of time, venue, date and even period of notice. In some instances, they would even take a break from work just for a chance to battle other warriors at a tourney.
Andy Knigth aka Nuhurosis
Kevin Durst aka KID
General Zod

3. Tournament Hunter of the Year (Soccer)

This award is the same as above but for the football game.
Yung Fizzy

4. Team of the Year

This award goes to the team that has consistently been represented by its members at all events. Members of these teams always flaunt their team names before their own name without a second thought. Some of their members even take offence if the team name isn't added before their name, that is how seriously they take it.
Team CCD
Team Valentino
Team TH
Team DT

5. Best Gaming Community

This award goes to the community of gamers who have been consistent in their existence and have influenced the Nigerian Gamedom by their events participation, contributions and general involvement.
The Hadou (TH)
Cyberbunk Gaming Network
The Shaolin
Fighting Legends Africa (FLA)
Elite Gamers World

6. Tournament Hypeman of the Year

This award goes to the gamer who always promotes gaming events and tournaments regardless of whether they are involved in it or not. He would even do this sometimes at personal expense.
Bolaji FlowShow
General Zod
The Legendary Aensland

7. Most Versatile/Overall Best Gamer

This award goes the gamer who plays games across atleast 2 genres COMPETITIVELY and has achieved varying degrees of success in them. You could call him a Jack-Of-All-Games. 
Imajiboy - Football/Fighting
Isimiyagi - Fighting/Football
Obinna Akpen aka Kung Lao - Football/Shooter/Fighting
Otis - Football/Shooter
Yung Fizzy - Football/Fighting/Shooter

8. Corporate Sponsor of the Year (non voting category)

This award goes to the corporate organization that has continuously supported e-sports and has contributed to making it bigger in our environment.

9. Tournament Organizer of the Year

This award goes to the person or group who has organized the most hitch free tournaments and from starting time up to even payment of prizes. 
Naija Game Evo
Lair's Playground

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