Hi there! So I got another article from one of my contributors – wait, he is my only contributor – and the topic is really interesting. I wished it was a bit longer but hey, half bread is a lot better than none. So without further ado, let me leave you with

  THE FIGHTING GAME DEPRESSION ………………………..By Achiledus  

“Last tournament I wasn’t ready, I didn’t know the matchups, my execution wasn’t on check, I should have made a few better choices.”

  3 months later!! “I shouldn’t have jumped so much, my character got nerfed, why haven’t they nerfed that, I haven’t played in a while. They probably play all day. I’ll be way better next time. I’ll beat him, her, them next time”  

2 Months and many changes Later!!!
“ Damn !! I guess I’m shit. They are just born for this, they are aged with experience. It’s a young man’s game! I did everything right, they aren’t playing fair! Let’s see what changes after I lab their character“  

Many tournaments later!!!
“Meh, it’s just a game. This was fun, I think I’m getting better. He’s just better than me, I didn’t think I’d win anyways, the next fighting game will be my game “    

Chances are, if you’ve never won, some of these thoughts come more often than not, at different stages on your way to the top. The more you lose, the less you crave victory and the more you accept it’s you. Not the game, not the other player, not the character and not some other thing out of your control and ultimately the the more you accept that you’re bad (If not worse) and conclude that you’re not meant to be good. There are only two cures to this competitive sadness that I can think of:

  1.       The Toxic Rivalry: The one such that you can’t smile after losing. The type of rivalry that breeds anger after a loss. The type that the FGC is trying to get rid of.               OR

 A true Win: Not some insignificant conquest of some mini tournament, a true win with stacks and pride on the line. A career defining winning. This is a lot harder to do but it’s what will fix this state I have come to call the Freedom Depression.

Unfortunately, neither of the two cures are easily attained. With a small community and difficulty of breeding a healthy yet toxic rivalry in our FGC. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that progress is unattainable.  

However a surrender to defeat isn’t advisable. My career is still on its way, and I cannot assume to be an absolute. Tell me if you know any other ways to get out of the funk of losing or if you think there’s such a thing to start. 

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  • Babaji
    2 years ago
    Well I guess knowing the problem is half way to getting a solń, in dat i must say my friend u'v nailed it. But as d evo 2017 champion Tokido puts it "grinding it in practice mode alone does not work, u have to know and be able to control your opponent" ...easier said than done sha.

  • DT_GeneralZod
    2 years ago
    oh wow, i also wish it was longer. Although i have some questions: Can competitive sadness be cured by effective practice and matchup exposure? Seeing as that’s the supposed ‘cure’ for someone performing terribly in a competitive game he/she plays. I’m asking cause, according to the article, Freedom Depression basically refers to a person’s state of mind from constant losses, what happens when such person actually puts the time and effort into practicing and learning the game after already relieving the mind of ‘salty’ and saddening thoughts of losing, and still doesn’t end up winning? What can such a person do to remain in the FGC? ‘Cause that person’s definitely not going to always want to pay to play at an even he/she knows he/she has no hope in... not to mention the demotivative attitude some other FGC members have that ultimately results into a discontinued participation of further events, and so one by one people gradually leave.

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