THE JOAG – Army Of All  

This event is designed to achieve three core objectives. It is no secret that our gamers – fighting gamers – down here are somewhat linear, at least 50% or thereabout of them. Some of us excel at some particular kinds of games and fail terribly at others. Little wonder why when there is a tournament, you find few entrants for any particular title. 
Secondly, the different factions here are known for different games eg Shaolin is known for Street Fighter, DT is known for NRS games, TH is Street Fighter and so on. This is not necessarily because these groups do not have members that play other games, but rather because they have established their basic strength in those games. The JOAG tournament intends, amongst other things, to

i.    Expand the gaming spectrum/strengths of different factions/individual gamers.

ii.   Form new alliances

iii.  Erase the contempt for some fighting games from our sub-consciousness.


i.  It is a team based tournament.

ii. Minimum number of team members is three (3), maximum is six (6). This will be reviewed as more games are added.

iii.  Every team member would represent his/her team in at least one (1) game and in no more than two (2) games  i.e a fighter (team member) can represent his team in a maximum of two (2) games.

iv.  In the same vein as above, every team should field at least one player in all games and a maximum of two (2). For example, in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, every team should have a minimum of one (1) representative and a maximum of two (2), although the maximum number is not compulsory.

v.  Battle format id Double Elimination, Best of 5 games (FT 3). This is however subject to change based on the organizer’s discretion.

vi.   In a match-up, ONLY the losing team can change their representative.  The winning team can change their character/team. For instance, in a battle between team A and team B (assuming both teams have two representatives, A1 and A2, B1 and B2 respectively). If A1 beats B1 in the first game, team B can change their representative to B2. Team A has to keep using A1 but A1 can change his character/team so as to fight B2. If team B loses again, they can switch back to B1 for the last game.

vii.  At the end of every game, points would be awarded thus
1st – 200pts
2nd – 100pts

3rd – 50pts
4th – 25pts
The cumulative for all five games featured (or total number of games as is the case) would be used to give out the cash prizes.

viii.  Entry for this tourney is free. However this might change in subsequent tourneys.

ix. The prize pool for this event is tentatively #45,000

x.  Prizes are directly proportional to the team’s accumulated points. 25pts is #600. So the placements a team gets, the more money they win.

xi.  A team that has no representative in a game automatically forfeits any previous wins in any other titles that they initially have.
xii.                Featured games are Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, Tekken 7, Injustice 2, Marvel Vs Capcom: Infinite and Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4.
Future titles to be considered include Dragon Ball Fighter Z, Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2, Mortal Kombat XL and Ultra Street Fighter 4.


xiv.  Form a team, get a name and forward to Uzor.  Only teams with at least 3 members would be registered.

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