If you have been following the posts on the NaijaGameEvo (NGE)  blog, you would have read about the different tournaments that have been scheduled in the NGE series of ranking tournaments. A lot of questions have been asked about the tournaments and their modalities and it is on this note that the need for a description of some (or all) this tournaments become expedient. 

The tournaments have been arranged in order of tiers, beginning with the most awarding to the least.

Naija Game Evolution 
Tier level – 1
Date – 4th quarter
The grand tourney. The festival of video games. Held once a year and boasting the highest number of featured  games in any Nigerian or African gaming tournament. Participation is open to all gamers. However, 8 spots out of the final 32 would be seeded out to winners from the current ranking season’s tourneys. This tourney also begins the next ranking season as the leaderboards are reset three weeks before the event. The top spot (1st position) is awarded 512 points, making NGE the highest points awarding tourney in the series. Winners however are not seeded into the next NGE tourney.

Techplus gaming tourney
Tier level – 2
Date – 2nd or 3rd quarter
Techplus so far boasts the highest number of entrants in any game competition in Africa. However it suffers a major drawback which is the low number of featured fighting games (only one). To make up for this, NGE would host another fighting game in addition to ensure uniformity in the ranking system. Participation is open to all fighting gamers. It is the second highest point-awarding tourney with the first position accumulating a total of 256 points. What’s more? The winner is seeded into the top 32 of the next NGE tourney.

Naija Fighters Connect Ranbat (Acts 1 and 2)
Tier level – 3
Date – 1st and 3rd quarters
The “Welcome to the new year” tourney. This is the beginning of the ‘real’ year and a chance for fighters to start building their points (assuming they haven’t started from NGE). This is the first ranbat immediately after NGE and as such, inability to score points from this tourney might mean nothing……OR EVERYTHING. Remember the saying: A cloudy morning sky is an early indication of a wet and rainy day. Not always true, you may say. Participation is open and the winners are seeded into the top 32 of the next NGE tourney. The points awarded to the 1st position is 128.  

Online Ranbats
Tier level – 3
Date – 2nd and 4th quarters
Finally, the grumblings of the online warriors has been heard. This ranbat would feature online fighters and more consideration would be given to those who reside outside Lagos or the country. Participation is open although the slots are limited. Also, intending participants MUST FUFILL certain conditions foremost of which is possession of a very good internet service. The 1st position scores 128 points and is seeded into the NGE final 32.

Batallas De Redenćion Ranbat
Tier level – 3
Date – 3rd quarter
The last open tourney of the ranking season. The last chance to get into the top four (if you have been fairly close) or to earn a seeded spot into the top 32 of the next NGE tourney. Participation is open to all, points awarded to the 1st spot is 128. Due to its position as the last chance tourney, expect it to be stacked with ‘blood eyed’ warriors.

Game  Night mini-ranbats
Tier level – Scramble
Date – Monthly
These mini ranbats would be held monthly and would features players who are interested in hanging out with other gamers for a marathon night of games. Participation is open to all. Winners of the editions of this event are not seeded however they get 16 points (1st position). This is intended to help people rack up points (if they are behind), or put more gap between their trailers (if they are ahead).

Bad Belle Battles
Tier level – Scramble
Date – Monthly (variable)
These battles, solely sponsored by one of our legendary gamers, is purely for bragging rights, instant cash and ……yes, points. Battles between two fighters are hyped (sometimes instigated) and are voted on. The fight with most votes wins. Rules are set and a venue is chosen for the showdown. The battle is fought in the presence of at least 2 spectators and a judge and IT MUST BE STREAMED for all to watch.
Mind that whichever battle taking place has to be endorsed by NGE for points to be awarded. Whoever wins gains 8-points and whoever loses, forfeits 8-points.
For matches to be considered BBB worthy it must fulfill the following criteria: 
a. Must be between two ranking members
b. Participants must have at least 8 points 
c. The difference in their ranks must not exceed 4 levels e.g no 1 can only battle 2, 3, 4 or 5
d. It must not be between ‘ancient’ rivals e.g Aensland vs Shin or Shin vs Dragonlord
e. It must be a hyped fight and be voted 
f. The maximum number of consecutive BBB a fighter can engage in is 2.  After that he can’t take part in any BBB until after two months.

Salty Challenger’s Wager
Tier level – Scramble
Date – Variable
This is similar to BBB in the sense that points are gained or lost, however, it is different in the sense that it involves either 4 or 8 people. Format is double elimination. The four or eight people agree to battle, and it is hyped. They all wager points (a minimum of 4 and maximum of 8) and money if they want. At the end, the first two (if there are 4 players), or the first 3 (if there are 8 players) are awarded points. The points sharing is as follows:
4 players SCW – 75%:25%
8 players SCW – 62.5%:25%:12.5%
The remaining two (in a 4-man battle) or remaining five (in a 8-man battle) lose their wagered points. Like the BBB,  SCW is fought amongst fighters within a range of 4 levels (in a 4-man battle) or 8 levels (in a 8-man battle) e.g ranks 1 – 4, 2 – 5, 3 – 10 etc
As always, the fight has to be endorsed for points to be awarded.

Gods Of The Arena League
Tier level – GOTA
Date – 2nd and 4th quarters (variable)
The gathering of gods. The league of champions. The top guys duking it out in a FT 7, round robin format.  A test of stamina, endurance and composure. It is often said that the winner of a GOTA league at any point in time is the true number one in that game and it isn’t far from the truth. Only a true champion can battle six others in a marathon battle and come out victorious. This tourney eliminates any murmurs of “He used a new tech and it was over before I could over before I could adapt.”  If you can’t adapt after 5 games, then you are no true champion.
This league is a stand-alone and the points accumulated within have no effect of the NGE leaderboard ranks. However, the top ranking player (1st position) in this league at the end of an NGE ranking season when the leaderboards are reset –  3 weeks before the NGE – is seeded into the top 32. Please note that the league’s season runs independently of the NGE ranking season. Each GOTA league season contains eight tourneys (four A-league and four B-league).
Participation is by invitation. The league is divide into two: A-league and B-league.
The top 4 from the last two tourneys (could be top 5 or 6 if there are recurring placers) are sent  invitation to which they must respond.  An affirmative response is the entry. Each A-league tourney awards points to the top four while the last four are relegated to the B-league. The top four in the B-league are promoted to the A-league and this new octet battles it out in the next edition. The points awarded are as follows:
1st   –   256
2nd  –  128
3rd  –   64
4th  –   32
 Before the second A-league tourney, all points accumulated are halved across board. Before the third and fourth tourneys, they are divided by 3.This is to eliminate any issue of a member placing higher than the current number one through accumulated  points i.e the current number one would always have the highest points. The league season ends with the 4th tourney.
Note: The bottom four demoted to the B-league lose their points and enter B-league empty.

The next 4 or 5 from the last two NGE tourneys  5-8 (could be the next 5 or 6 if there are recurring placers) are sent an invitation to which a positive response is entry. There would be a total of four B-league tourneys in a season. After each tourney, the top four are ranked and promoted to the A-league. The last four are ‘banished’ into the ‘mortal’ world where they have to battle and compete to get into the B-league again. In the event that there are nine contenders, the 5th position (who is awarded no point) retains his position by being neither promoted nor banished. He becomes the “gatekeeper”. The four demoted A-leaguers and the new intakes from the “mortal” world along with the gatekeeper (if any) form the octet or nonet that battles at the next tourney.
Unlike A-league, there is no point accumulation system and the points are reset for every B-league tourney held. The season ends with the 4th B-league tourney.
Note: When the top 4 from the B-league are promoted to the A-league, their points are halved.
Points for B-league
1st – 32
2nd – 16
3rd – 8
4th – 4
5th – Guards the gate

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