The NaijaGameEvo (NGE) leaderboard ranking system for soccer is based on points which have been accumulated by players – the top 4 to top 16 depending on the tourney – from series of tournaments which are held within a particular ranking season. Each season lasts a year and starts with the release of the next year's titular version e.g 2017 ranking season would end with the release and feature of FIFA 2018 in any of our tournaments. 

The top spots – 1st position only –  from the tier 1, tier 2 and tier 3 tournaments and the KOTP league of the current ranking season would be seeded directly into the top 32 of the next NGE tournament. Tentatively, total of 4 spots are available for seeding.

NOTE: The 1st position of the NGE tournament that starts the ranking season ONLY ACCUMULATES POINTS but is not seeded into the next NGE tournament.

Updated: COPA Lagos added
The 8 seeded slots for each category of games would be gotten as follows:
1 slot from The Round Leather Challenge (RLC) 
1 slot from MTN Techplus (tentatively)
2 slots from online tournaments (tentatively)
1 slot from the NGE leaderboard
1 slot from the KOTP league
1 slot from COPA Lagos Beach tournament
1 slots from 2 tournaments (TBC)


Tournaments under the NGE series are divided into 4 categories based on the number of points that can be accumulated from them.

Tier 1:
The NGE yearly tournament. Maximum points obtainable is 640, minimum is 20. 1st position is not seeded.

Tier 2:
The Techplus tournament. Maximum points obtainable is 320, minimum is 10. 1st position is seeded into the top 32 of the next NGE tournament. Other tournaments would be added as appropriate.
Updated: COPA Lagos FIFA 17 tournaament has been added

Tier 3:

This includes the RLC tournaments, the online tournaments and any other tournament (as added by NGE). Maximum points obtainable is 160, minimum is 5. 1st positions are seeded into the top 32 of the next NGE tournament.
Updated: West African Gaming Expo FIFA tournament has been added

Scramble tier:

This includes Game Night mini tournies, Carnivalle FIFA tournies and FIFA hangouts. Maximum points obtainable is 40, minimum points is 5.

KOTP league:
It is in a tier of its own. Points accumulated from this tournament are not added to the regular NGE leaderboard points but rather are treated separately. Maximum points obtainable is 320, minimum is 5. The 1st position as at three weeks to the NGE tournament is seeded into the top 32.

Position                    Tier 1            Tier 2                     Tier 3                        Scramble tier
                                  NGE        Techplus, COPA     RLC, Online, Others     Game Night, others

1                                 640                 320                       160                                 40

2                                 320                 160                         80                                 20

3                                 160                   80                         40                                 10

4                                   80                   40                         20                                   5

5/5/5/5                          40                   20                         10

9/9/9/9/9/9/9/9              20                   10                           5  

Kings Of The Pitch (KOTP) League                                                                                                                                                    
Position                            A - League                               B - League
1                                             320                                          40

2                                             160                                          20

3                                               80                                          10

4                                               40                                            5

5                                               -                                           No points. Guards the gates

  1. Tournament in the NGE series would be updated with more tournaments if need be.
  2. The scramble tier tournies like BBB and Salty challengers have to be approved before they can be considered.
  3. Based on the number of entrants in a particular tournament, NGE is at  discretion to limit the positions to which points are awarded e.g in a 20-man tournament, points would only be awarded to the top 8 and not top 16.


  1.  Priority for selection of seeds is based on classes of tournaments.
  2. In the event where a player wins a tier 2 and tier 3 tournament e.g Techplus and RLC tourney, he is seeded with the Techplus slot while the RLC slot is forfeited. However, the second position in the RLC is not seeded as replacement, rather, an extra slot is opened  from the leaderboards slot. However the maximum number of slots available from the leaderboards is 2. In the event that this scenario occurs more than once, an extra slot is opened in the pools of the NGE tournament.
  3. If a player has won a seeded tournament slot and is at the same time at the top position of the leaderboard, he is selected based on the seeded tournament slot and forfeits the leaderboard slot. However, the next position on the leaderboard – in this case 2nd – who otherwise hadn’t qualified, is then seeded into the NGE tournament. If it happens that the second position has already been seeded too (by winning any of the seeded tournament slots), the next position is picked.
  4. If the winner of a seeded tournament e.g Techplus is also the 1st position in the KOTP league rankings at three weeks to the NGE tournament, then he forfeits his KOTP slot and the 2nd position in the KOTP rankings who otherwise hadn’t qualified is then seeded.
Please note that this fomat might be reviewed as necessary.

RLC Act 1                            -       February
Online Ranbat 1                  -       March (interchangeable with KOTP)
KOTP League                      -       April (interchageable with Online)
Techplus                              -       TBC
RLC  Act 2                            -       July/August
KOTP League                      -        October
Online Ranbat 2                   -       November (Interchangeable with BDR) 
NGE 2017                              -      December

Note that these dates are tentative and could be changed as need be.
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