The first contribution from a site user is coming from one of our young MK players,  ACHILEDUS.  He writes on a topic that has been a subject for debate often times in the FGC. 

In the Nigerian fighting game community (FGC), there's a common phrase which older generation players tell the younger generation players more often than not: "You don't have fighting game sense ".  It was something I was told as well.

     In my quest to better myself as a gamer, i sought to understand what "fighting game sense" meant. However, the closest i have gotten to the definition of the phrase is that it is "experience". A gaming knowledge that surpasses combos (damage) and executions. However, although *fighting game sense* can be replaced with the term *FUNDAMENTALS", the two aren't quite the same from what I've learnt.
    *FUNDAMENTALS* are broken down into three main branches from my understanding which are:

This refers to the a players ability to guess right and react accordingly. It's also a players capacity to notice habits in the patterns of their opponents and exploit the bad ones, which can be considered as Adaptation.

  In my understanding, this refers to a character's range and a player's ability to maintain, control and command the *Neutral*. The neutral is usually the mid screen or general movement on screen.

 This is simply a player's ability to control a character on instinct or by practice to maximize damage. The ability to make unexpected conversions for little damage off random hits and their ability to perform difficult combos.

All these are the things that make the foundation of a strong player or someone that's not a "weak variation" in the words of Nigerian player ChuX.

From my POV and understanding, what they call "Fighting game sense" doesn't exist. It's simply an elitist statement to suggest that someone isn't as good as the other just because they haven't been in the tournament scene as long as the latter have. This is just not true as we have the likes of SonicFox, John Takeuchi , Knuckledu and BabyFox, who are very young and yet are more than a match for most older generation players.
Fighting game sense is an imaginary skill only developed by aging with the community and not exactly doing anything else because there is no time stamp on acquiring fundamentals but you seem to need to be in the community for a while to get FGS . So what do you think? Does fighting game sense exist or am I just spiteful cause I'm not good enough?

ACHILEDUS plays Mortal Kombat and is a new entrant into the SF scene.

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  • prince_orafu
    3 years ago
    Lagos boys are FREE in fighting games

  • ChuX
    3 years ago
    Achiledus is a weak character.

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